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we have set up this organization with the sole objective of achieving a worldwide name for our organization both qualities wise and service wise. Our vision is to help the society and the nation at large with our technologically advanced products.


In order to make our dreams turn into a reality we technologically upgrade our production process and plan to reduce evaporation loss of water by 80% from the present situation.


TARGET EQUIPMENTS IS Established in 2001 reputed concern involved in manufacturing and exporting industrial Chilling plant and all types of Cooling Towers from 10TR to more than 1000TR it’s vary from costumer requirement and there application including FRP Cooling tower, Wooden Cooling tower, Dry Cooling tower, Fanless and Fillsless Cooling Towers.

Other than cooling tower We are also involved in fabricating most of HVAC products like industrial Chilling plant, water cooled chiller air cooled chillers, oil chiller ranging from 1TR to 250TR, other than that we manufacture all types of heat exchangers likeInter Cooler / After Cooler, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger, Tube Bundle, Evaporator Coil Cooler, Fin Type Cooler, Plate Heat Exchanger, Marine Heat Exchanger, Our company also undertakes production ofEvaporator Cooling Systems, Humidification Plant, Water Treatment Chemical, Radiators.

We have most talented and 15 years of experienced engineers are with us Mr.Ananthan, Mr.Madan and Mr.Anbu. With their experience and knowledge under there guidance and supervision we are in one of the most preferred manufacturers and exporters of the present competitive markets all over the world. We measure our growth in the industry by the increasing list of our client base and through our exhaustive market reach, which is spread in almost all major centres of the world likeUnited Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia Europe, Africa, UAE, South America and North America.

We are customer centric entity and hence always remain focused to meet and exceed the requirements of the customers in the best possible way. We try to leave no space for any sort of customer's grievances in our overall work process. Besides being conscious towards maintaining international quality standards in our products we have also designed a feedback procedure that we receive from our customers and partners for bringing further improvement in our business performance.

Areas of Application

The broad spectrum of products offered by us is cater to the major industrial sectors:

  • Electricity Generating Industry
  • Petroleum Refining Industry
  • Chemical Processing Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration Industry
  • Steel Industry and so on.
  • Mediations & research centre
  • Hospitals & hotels
  • Foundry industry

We are involved in the manufacture and supply of following products like

  • Cooling Towers
    • Bottle Shape Towers
    • Square Shape Towers
    • Dry Cooling Towers
    • Cross Flow Cooling Towers
    • Natural Draft Cooling Towers
    • Wooden Cooling Towers
  • Chilling Plant
    • Water cooled chillier
    • Air cooled chillier
    •  Oil cooled chillier
  • Heat Exchangers
    • Inter Cooler / Ofter Cooler
    • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
    • Oil Cooler
    • Tupe Bundle
    • Evaporator Coil Cooler
    • Fin Type Cooler
    • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Evaporator Cooling Systems
  • Radiator
  • FRP chemical tank
  • Humidification Plant
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Spares
    • FRP Cooling tower spares
    • Closed cooling tower spares
    • Wooden cooling tower spares
    • Crass flow cooling tower spares
    • RCC Cooling tower spares
    • PVC Fills
    • FRP, Aluminium Fan
    • SS Sprinkler
    • Nylon Sprinkler
    • Cooling Tower Motor
    • Nozzle
    • Cooling pad
    • Air filter




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