Target equipment air cooled chillers are the best in terms of quality and capacity of cooling and are basically manufactured for outdoor functioning. Air cooled chillers are made such as they absorb heat from processed water and then transfer the heat to the air around the chiller unit. All it uses is ambient air that kicks out the hardship of using water supply for cooling. The ambient air is mechanically circulated with the help of series necessary components through the condenser unit to get rid of the developed heat from the source to the atmosphere. Therefore it is very beneficial for the industries and functional areas where water supply is a problem. It reduces the cost of operation as the complex structure and non corrosive protective measures are not to be taken as it is done in water cooled chillers. Moreover, where the water is priced rather heavily priced, air cooled chillers are the top priority.


Advantages of Target Equipment’s air cooled chillers

The advantage of choosing Target Equipment’s air cooled chillers is the structure and quality that succeeds it. Besides, the performance is also a thumbs-up for setting up our product proudly into your industrial premises. The compact design was done keeping in mind the floor area and installation surrounding. The materials and functioning grants the plus point of low cost preventive maintenance and greater term of serviceability.

  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life
  • Less initial and operation cost
  • Better efficiency or cooling rate


  • Power source
  • Chiller rating
  • Ambient temperature
  • Area of application
  • Material of structure
  • Noise level
  • refrigerant
  • Cooling capacity
  • Installation area

Energy Savings

  • Designed to provide the greatest amount of cooling for the least kilowatt input over the entire operating range of your building.
  • Delivers outstanding efficiency and total energy savings through the utilization of economizer cycle and fewer compressors.
  • Maximized performance through computer matched components and multiple compressors on separate refrigerant circuits.
  • High efficiency oil recovery system guarantees removal of oil carried over in the refrigerant and maintains the heat exchangers at their maximum efficiency at both full and part load.

Installation Ease

  • Units are air cooled and therefore require no tower make up water or water treatment.
  • Units have optional single point power connection and multiple disconnects to reduce installation costs.
  • Dramatic payback in reduced maintenance and overhaul costs both in down time and in labour expenditures.
  • Ease of troubleshooting through automatic and manual monitored functions.
  • Factory run tested.