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How Target Equipments is helping in ‘Make in India’ program?

Target Equipments is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cooling towers and other advanced cooling equipments as well as spares in India. It is the place where quality meets requirement on or before the target, hence the name goes, Target Equipments. We have a successful record of satisfied customers and long lasting equipments with greater efficiency in affordable costs and are constantly upgrading our levels in terms of quality, rankings and skilled personnel.

Make in India and Target Equipments

Our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi gave a vital gift to the country in the form of ‘Make in India’. This program and initiative has boosted the confidence of all the sectors and segments in our country, especially manufacturing units like ours. The main aim of this program is encouragement of domestic companies to manufacture more in country in order to increase the GDP and create more and more jobs for youth.

By enhanced technology and better manufacturing techniques, we’re not only improving our work force but also hiring new labours and making them skilled enough to take up the work confidently. Updating them about the recent techs in manufacturing and showing them way of betterment by assessments of output and efficiency forms our major objective when it comes to the working environment in our place.

Our contribution in India and Abroad

We try our level best to give 120 percent to meet the market demands and are ready for challenges that boost our competency in real world. With the advent of ‘Make in India’ program, we also took a major step in developing our manufacturing units for high scale yield with optimized standards of quality. Besides, Target Equipments has also been successfully conquering the reach of customers outside India by quality exports of cooling towers with different flow types and best wooden towers. So far we are spread in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America delivering high quality industrial chillers, cooling systems, heat exchangers, chemical tank etc. moreover, our spares have also been widely preferred by industries and renowned brands for setting their equipments right and needy in affordable cost.



You have spent a great deal of time pondering over the choice of chiller, air cooled or water cooled? Many couldn’t be that confident to go straight to the manufacturer and state the requirements and this is because we miss to analyze the plus and minus of these two equipment’s from our point of view and available resources. So here we, at Target Equipment’s have given the guide which will help you to choose the best chiller as per your need.

Water cooled chillers are voted as the most efficient ones in processing heat but they require a large amount of water. Though, when compared to air cooled chillers, water cooled ones have greater amount of net power enhancement as per its applications. English to Japanese So, if you have plenty of available water, cheap or free, water cooled chillers are the best.

Air cooled chillers do not consume water and this is their major advantage. However, they are voted as less efficient than water cooled chillers because they consume a lot of energy to dissipate heat through air medium. This is the reason why air cooled chillers have less value of net power enhancement, specifically for gas turbine. Also, air cooled ones comes as secondary choice as the cost of process is higher.

In Terms of storage  again we prefer water cooled chillers over air cooled ones as the former can be installed indoor but the later has to installed only outdoors. This gives a good monitoring convenience for water cooled chillers. But sometimes more precautions are needed to be taken in the surrounding of heavy electrical units.

One of the major factors that impact the decision is the location. There isn’t any point of installing a water cooled chiller in a place that is prone to drought and receives less rainfall for a period of time. In this situation, air cooled ones find a comfortable place in your equipment list.

For the area which is connected to rivers and receives moderate or high rainfall, both water and air cooled chillers can be installed but water cooled chiller finds a cheaper spot in your list.

Lastly, the places where conservation of water is a priority and have strict water discharge regulations, we prefer to use air cooled chillers.