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Make in india Cooling Towers – Chilliers

Why choose Target Equipments?
When Target Equipments was established in 2001, we had a sole objective of gaining the top spot in the belt of industries delivering one of the best cooling methods around the globe and to make it true we grew out to manufacture best industrial chillers- air cooled and water cooled, cooling towers – round shaped and square shaped, cross flow and axial flow cooling towers, wooden cooling towers etc, heat exchangers and other ‘must’ equipments for industries. Our constant success in manufacturing line speaks well about our services and quality that we offer to the clients.
Here’s a look on why you should chose Target Equipments over others.
1. Cooling Technology
Keeping in mind the rising demand for the ‘local’ manufacturer or better called ‘home’ manufacturers of industrial equipments we flagged off our vision Target Equipments in a positive direction to give it a boost of technology. Here, at Target Equipments we use advanced technology in manufacturing the world class cooling towers, heat exchangers, chemical tanks etc that keeps our quality notch higher than our competitors and satisfaction to customers.
2. Quality
Faster manufacturing rates and good quality often bonds as a challenge for variety of companies and industries everywhere because of the uncertainty of peak periods that invites in flow of demands and requirements but we achieved this feat with the constant dedication towards our goal. Our clients have shown faith in us by praising our efforts to deliver the flawless and superior quality products and maintaining the same since our first day of work.
3. Modern trends (Make in India)
Ever since the program of Make in India started, we added one big responsibility in our bag of goals i.e. to help our country grow on larger scale. Our efforts doubled and we made necessary changes in our work force hiring more individuals and expanding our units in order to be a renowned brand in manufacturing arena. We understood that now we were more flexible and vulnerable as well in our field. French to Urdu . So we started to walk on path of Make in India in manufacturing field by generating employment, training unskilled labours, increase quality and boost in export network.
4. Experience and Approach
We at target equipments cease to believe that more number of years gives more experience. We, from the very first day believed in our products and standards, no matter what factors prevail. The skilled personnel in our company with or without experience has taught us that the method of approach pays for long period. Our confidence in our manufacturing methods made us one of the best manufacturers of cooling equipments in India within a short period of time.
5. Leading Exporter
Our products not only impressed the Indian industries but also the best industries from countries like UAE, north America, South America, Europe, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Latin America especially Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Columbia, Bahamas, Argentina, Trinidad and Ecuador, along with Caribbean country side and Mexico and south Asia like Sri Lanka . With this big list of clients, we feel highly proud and fortunate to have faithful customers that gave us a chance to prove our worth in the world of manufacturing.