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Evaporator Cooling Systems

Evaporator Cooling System

An evaporative cooling system offers effective cooling by combining water evaporation, which is a natural process, with a reliable and simple air-moving system. Air from the outside is pulled via moist pads where evaporation cools it and is circulated in a building or a house with the help of a large blower. During this process, the temperature of the air in the outside gets reduced as much as thirty degrees.

How our System Works

Evaporator Cooling System


  • Compared to the conventional systems, the fill type system attains maximum saturation.
  • The design is compact and pre-fabricated, consumes less space, which is only about forty percent of that occupied by conventional systems.
  • There is no requirement for masonry work and can be placed outside the building too.
  • Consumption of power is negligible when compared to spray machines. This is due to low drop in pressure and low pump.
  • The level of maintenance is also negligible since no nozzles are used. This promises trouble-free service.
  • Since there are no nozzles of high pressure, the noise level is only about eighty decibel near the machines.
  • Quick installation ensured as the machine is fabricated and tested at factory and possesses the flexibility for relocation.
  • The equipments are available in FRP casings or stainless steel.
  • The content material at the surface is specially engineered for the pupose of direct evaporative cooling & humidification. It is constructed from a unique cellulose paper that comes impregnated with compounds that are insoluble and prevent rotting. It also contains wetting agents and stiffening saturates. The material is made out of corrugated sheet that is assembled in pads that are self supporting.
  • There is an arrangement of patented angle on the sheets in order to direct the flow of water towards the side of the air inlet, the place of occurrence of maximum evaporation.
  • The pad is also constructed to flush away the dust from the atmosphere and has a contact surface of about 440 m2/ m3 between water and air.
  • The cover of water distribution is of fiber glass reinforced plastic for its anti corrosive properties. The metal parts are of sixteen guage steel sheet that is galvanized.
  • The water tank is of 3 mm frp that is of reinforced steel.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling System

  • With the latest awareness on energy efficiency, evaporative cooling systems are gaining a lot of popularity
  • Owing to the simple technology employed, the cost of the evaporative cooling system is cheaper
  • The systems operate on 120V electricity which implies that they don't require special circuits of high-amperage unlike many air conditioners. It could be plugged into an outlet nearby
  • The air gets moisture as a result of evaporative cooling. This helps in preventing the drying out of fabrics and wood furniture. The moist pads are good air filters and thus trap some pollen and dust. As the pads are kept wet, the trapped particles get flushed and caught in the cooler bottom.
  • Not much of ductwork is needed in evaporative cooling systems. For a system that is newly installed, a short duct helps to direct the air that is cooled to the building's central point.


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