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Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Our natural draft cooling tower not required any fan are fills, no maintenance like other cooling towers, non clock nozzle are easy to cleaning reduce spillage and evaporation loss. Hat dip galvanized structural and S.S fasteners increase the lifetime as well as the efficiency of the cooling tower it can be installed for any range of cooling application.


Natural draft cooling tower Availability of Capacities from 5 TR T0 1000 TR in Single cell

Features and Functions

  • Natural draft cooling tower especially hold attraction as solution for saving costs for large industrial plants and power stations; that require large amounts of cooling water.
  • The needed cooling air is transported to the tower with the help of  natural draft. Hence there is no necessity for fan or fan power
  • It is also used for the release of treated exhaust gas. It also implies that there is no need of gas reheating or chimney.
  • The rates of flow come around 200,000/m/h per 9, 00,000gpm
  • PVC fills are not required by these frp cooling towers
  • FRP louvers that are specially designed aerodynamically, minimize evaporation loss and spillage
  • The effusion and lifetime of this industrial cooling tower is increased with the aid of fastener.
  • The tower could be installed for a variety of cooling applications
  • The needed volume of air stream for cooling is produced by stack effect
  • The economic benefit of such industrial cooling towers exists in tier low requirement of electric energy. The costs of operation are minimal
  • These industrial cooling towers are highly economical for depreciation and loads of high cooling over an extended period
  • The recirculation of tepid air causes reduced performance. This gets reduced by the high distance between the air outlet and inlet of the tower.



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