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Oil Coolers Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Oil cooler are classified in to two. One is air cooled - oil cooler then water –cooled oil cooler. Air cooled oil coolers are mostly used where water availability is scarce and expensive. Water-cooled oil cooler, maintenance and operating cost are usually low. The cooled water manifolds, charges oil and air coolers for usage on marine engines. These heat exchangers are suitable for power steering, bow thrusters ,deck machinery etc.


Oil Coolers are used for various applications involving cooling of Oils,

  • Industrial Oil Coolers heat exchangers are widely used in refrigeration,
  • power plants,
  • air conditioning,
  • processing of natural gas,
  • chemical plants,
  • petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants.
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Marine oil cooler




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