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Square Shaped Cooling Tower

Square Shape Cooling Tower

The square cooling tower is of the design: vertical induced draft counter flow, with a uniform distribution of water and an optimal transfer of heat .These are utilized by all large industries in order to cool the water that has undergone recycling. The installation of can be done independent of the direction of wind. Cooling Towers are nothing but heat rejection devices that are used to remove unwanted heat into the air from the cooling stream of water to a reduced temperature

Square Cooling Tower Capacities

Square cooling tower gives 100% cooling efficiencies it’s give good appearance flow rate from 5 M3/Hr To 550 M3/Hr gives differences in temperature 4°C To30 °C Availability of Capacities from 5 TR T0 600 TR in single cell

Technical Features Of Square Cooling Tower

  • The flow of water ranges between 5 M3/Hr  To  550 M3/Hr
  • The design easily blends with the architectural environs
  • The casing of the is of tough Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).It possesses sufficient structural power to endure winds of high velocities as well as vibrations. Besides gel coat, an ultra violet stabilized resin is also used for extended life. The square cooling tower is resistant against local impacts and local repairs could be easily done in case of occurrence of slight damages.
  • A temperature difference from 4°C To30 °C can be ensured
  • It uses less energy on the whole due to minimal resistance of air to water
  • Nozzles are designed easy cleaning while running the square shape cooling towers

Applications Of Square Cooling Tower

  • In cold rooms and air condition plants
  • Aluminum die casting
  • Dairy industry
  • Chemical industries
  • In food industries such as hotels as well as in industries of food processing
  • Oil refineries
  • Automobile industries
  • Forging and Mechanical industries
  • Plants manufacturing glass
  • Also employed for mega watt project industries' heat process
  • By plastic molding machineries



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